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Your Gums Need Love Too

When you go about your daily oral care routine, you may not realize that you should pay specific attention to your gums. Yes, brushing them with your toothbrush is a good thing to do, but using a special gum toothbrush is your best bet for good gum health. Fortunately, the Super-Soft Compact Gumbrush is here. This gum stimulator is affordable, effective, and should become a “must have” in your oral hygiene product inventory.


The Super-Soft Compact Gumbrush is made of silicon to deliver a gentle gum massage to your mouth each day. What makes this even better than a gum stimulator tip that may be on the end of a toothbrush, is that you can add oral care liquid to it in order to provide even more healing and cleaning power to your gum tissues. Your gums remain at a healthy length if they get the proper stimulation, along with a thorough cleaning of your mouth. This gum toothbrush ensures that you will not put too much pressure on your gums, yet get the blood flow pumping under the surface of them.

Another great feature of the Super-Soft Compact Gumbrush is that the size of the brush head allows you to more easily reach all of your gums. You notice that many of the higher end electric toothbrushes come with small brush heads. It is easier to get into the areas of your mouth with a smaller brush. The same holds for the gum toothbrush. This gum stimulator takes massaging your gums to another level. The feeling will be so enjoyable, that you will shortly feel that something is missing from your routine if you skip it. You will be less likely to run into gum disease issues when you use this oral care tool. Part of it will simply be having the proper focus on your gums.

If you want to boost the power of the Super-Soft Compact Gumbrush because you have bleeding gums or receding gums, you can combine it with Gum Rejuv. In fact, the use of this gum stimulator in this manner is so effective; it can take the place of having to undergo intense dental procedures to replace gum tissue. That is because this gum toothbrush when used with this oral health liquid can actually encourage your gums to regrow. It is really surprising to think that something as simple as massaging your gums with the right formula, will actually help your gums grow back.

So whether you are being preemptive or in the process of healing, you can use the Super-Soft Compact Gumbrush to improve your oral health. The right gum stimulator will add the biggest boost to the results of your oral care routine, even if your mouth is in the mid of periodontal disease. So do not forget about specifically focusing on your gums. This little gum toothbrush will be one of the best weapons in your arsenal to keep disease away from your gums. Get one and see for yourself. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews