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You Can Treat Bad Breath at Home

Are you plagued with recurrent bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis? Is your only solution to see your dentist for some sort of in-office treatment? Well that might be an answer to your problem, but there are many home remedies for bad breath in which you can partake. You need not worry about these methods being complicated, laden with harsh chemicals, or costly. With a little research and some online shopping, you can find the right DIY oral care for your unwanted issue.


Thorough cleaning your mouth at least twice a day is the most obvious of home remedies for bad breath. One of the procedures of your daily oral hygiene regime must be tongue cleaning. This particular step in your regimen may have escaped your attention, as it does for many people. For many years in Western dentistry, the main daily oral hygiene routine has been focused on brushing your teeth, flossing between your choppers, and then rinsing out your mouth. In more recent years, the need to gently scrape bacterial film off your tongue has gained its rightful place in our daily oral care line up. Dr. Tung's Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner is an ideal tool for this easy job.

Dry mouth can definitely launch a siege upon your mouth, your breath included. Your mouth needs to produce a certain amount of saliva to be able to fight off plaque buildup and remain fresh. Certain ailments and medications can cause your mouth to be in this uncomfortable and vulnerable state. Xylitol based products can work wonders by propelling your mouth to produce saliva, while blocking one of the harmful bacteria which cultivates plaque. Rain Oral Mist Spray is part of the Spry line of oral care, which uses xylitol as its primary ingredient. Tooth and Gums Spritz and Herb Pharm Breath Tonic are two home remedies for bad breath which rely on herbal formulas to fight off bacteria.

If you want to use internal home remedies for bad breath, there are wonderful, natural options. Chlorophyll is one of them and Scandinavian Formulas Good Breath is another. Of course, there are others, but the combination of parsley seed and sunflower seed oils sets apart this Scandinavian oral freshener. This type of remedy could be very useful if your breath issues are derived from some sort of infection or illness, in your mouth or other part of your body. This will also be a good method to use if you are taking supplements or medications, or eating and/or drinking substances that can leave unpleasant smell on your breath.

If you smoke or consume alcohol regularly, you will be more likely to need home remedies for bad breath. That is because both of these habits tend to leave a negative aroma in your mouth. Any of the above mentioned methods can help to lessen this form of foul breath, but curbing bad habits will be even more helpful. With the assistance of your dentist or healthcare professional, you will be able to make the best decisions when it comes to making your mouth healthy and your breath presentable.

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