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What are the Signs of Gingivitis?

There are some classic signs of gingivitis and if you know what they are, then you can take the necessary steps to reverse it. This is the first stage of gum disease, and you do not want it to progress. As it progresses, your gums will begin to deteriorate and no longer be able to hold your teeth in place. There are procedures that use natural products which can assist in all phases of gum disease, but you definitely want to catch it early for easier treatment and less stress.


One of the most common signs of gingivitis is gums that bleed when you brush them. This doesn't tend to hurt, but your gums should not bleed when you brush them or your teeth. Another signal is swollen gums, and yet another is reddened gums. You may or may not have all of the signs of gingivitis, but if your dentist determines that you have this condition, you need to correct it. That can be as simple as getting an in office cleaning, followed by an upgrade in your daily oral care routine. There are natural products which you can use to target the harmful bacteria in plaque, while getting rid of plaque.


The Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gums line is a natural, professional strength, herbal system that is ideal for your use if your dentist deems that you have any of the signs of gingivitis. The Tooth and Gums Tonic and Tooth and Gums Paste work together to effectively get rid of harmful oral bacteria and provide long lasting oral freshness. The tonic provides professional strength protection from bacteria. It is used by dentists to prepare patients for prophylactic procedures, and you can use it daily at home to improve your oral health. The toothpaste provides a superior level of freshness and plaque removal.


Using this herbal oral health system is a better option when you have signs of gingivitis, than using conventional antibacterial oral care products. The over the counter offerings from commercial brands are known to cause issues such as dental discoloration when used too long, and/or dry mouth. Dry mouth is a condition that can lead to gingivitis, and it certainly will help an existing case progress more rapidly. You certainly want your mouth to look and feel healthy. The idea of using a product that may ruin the appearance of your mouth or cause a new problem is less than appealing.


The signs of gingivitis should not alarm you, but they should grab your attention and inspire you to reverse them. It is amazing that making some simple changes to your daily oral care routine, is what will help to turn around the health of your mouth. You can do it naturally and productively. Commercial brands which are advertising dental products would have you believe that those harsh chemicals are the best, or even the only way to take care of gum disease. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You can have a mouth that is free from gingivitis, when you use natural products which are proven not to cause any side effects or to develop additional oral issues. Click here to search our store for natural products with proven reputation. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews