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What are the Signs of a Tongue Cancer?

Depending on what is going on with your oral health, you may be wondering what the signs of tongue cancer are. Well, this type of cancer falls into the category of oral cancer, and tends to have physical symptoms to alert you to its presence. While having one or more of these symptoms may not mean that you are dealing with cancer, it certainly could be the case. Either way, you need to consult with your health care professional about the prolonged presence of any of these symptoms, for the sake of your health.


Patches of red or white on your tongue or other areas of your mouth could be a sign of tongue cancer. If an unfamiliar texture or color develops on areas of your mouth and does not return to normal in about 14 days, you would be wise to have your dentist or other health care professional give it an evaluation. This can even apply to a sore that lasts for that length of time without healing.


If you see a lump or lumps developing on your tongue, you should have your doctor look into the situation. If you smoke, especially heavily, or consume a lot of alcohol, you are more at risk for dealing with tongue cancer. If that is the case then having your mouth professionally and regularly screened may be something that you want to include in your round of usual checkups. You can have this done by your dentist when you go in twice a year or more frequently if your risk is high.


If you are experiencing prolonged pain in your throat or mouth, making swallowing and chewing difficult, you may want to have that examined. Aside from you being rather inconvenienced and uncomfortable, you may have something seriously wrong with your oral health. If the soreness in your mouth and throat makes its way to your ears, it is more likely that tongue cancer is the culprit. If you lose sensation in your tongue and/or mouth or if your voice changes along with this physical discomfort, then you need to have your mouth examined.


Due to the changes in your immune system that cancer can cause, you may experience swelling in your mouth. If you wear dentures, then you might notice that they do not fit properly. Your bite may change whether or not you have dentures.


The good news is that if tongue cancer is detected early, it is highly treatable. The prospect of dealing with cancer can be rather daunting and terrifying. Part of this can even come from the potential side effects of some of the more commonly used treatments. You may want to seek a support group and look into alternative treatments that you can undergo alongside some of the more conventional procedures, or instead of them. Getting a diagnosis can help you better understand what is going on, but remember that your treatment is ultimately up to you. You might discover that the regular over the counter oral hygiene products are no longer suitable for you. They might contain certain ingredients which are adverse to your condition. Look into replacing them with all-natural products. See wide selection of all-natural oral hygiene products at Take the steps that you feel will give you the best outcome when it comes to fighting cancer. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews