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Warning Signs of Gum Disease

Many people are dealing with gum disease and do not realize it or do not know how serious this condition can become. It tends to be painless in the early stages, so people suffering with it do not often put place the same level urgency on it as they do with cavities. If a person does have gum disease, it is important to make alterations to teeth and gum care. Knowing what the warning signs are can help those affected by gum disease realize that it is time to visit their dentists, in an effort to get their oral health back on track.

  • Bleeding gums tend to be a very common sign of the first stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis. The good news about gingivitis is that it can be reversed with changes in teeth and gum care. The bad news is that if it is left unchecked it can develop into periodontal disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.
  • Reddened, swollen and/or tender gums are also a sign of gum disease, still often during the first stage.
  • If pus appears between teeth and gums when gums are pressed, that is a sign of gum disease.
  • Gums that seem as though they are pulling away from teeth are gums which are affected by gum disease.
  • Chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a sign of gum disease as it progresses. This can also result in having a bad taste in one's mouth. A dentist will have patients undergo teeth and gum care that can help fight this progression.
  • Changes in a person's bite or the fit of dentures or partials are a sign of gum disease.
  • Loose teeth are a sign of advanced gum disease.

Using a Truly Natural® teeth and gum care product which is alcohol free and provides superior protection from harmful oral bacteria, may be one of the best at home tools for those affected with gum disease. Tooth & Gums Tonic® is a professional strength rinse that is powerful enough to be used by dentists to prepare their patients for prophylactic procedures. The use of both Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gum Tonic and Tooth and Gum Paste can dramatically improve a mouth that is dealing with gingivitis or periodontal disease.


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A visit to will have those interested in improving their teeth and gum care grabbing this duo for an affordable price. Using top quality oral hygiene products at home is one of the best ways to fight gum disease. There are certainly parts of this that only a dentist can do, but a large part of the battle takes place daily at home. With the products offered by this reputable online retailer, those who want to make sure that their daily oral care routine is the best can do so at prices that will not break the bank. There are ways to fight gum disease, but the best way is to prevent it or catch it in the early stages. Do not ignore the warning signs.

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