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Vitamins for Stronger Teeth and Gums

You may realize that having a good balance of vitamins is good for your body. This includes your mouth. Part of having a good teeth and gums care routine is making sure that you are taking in the right amount of vitamins which are necessary for good oral health.



Your teeth are rooted in your jawbone, held in place by your gums. Your tooth enamel, which is the protective outer layer, is made up largely of minerals. Making sure that you have an adequate amount of calcium is the key for your good teeth and gum care, but you need vitamin D to activate this much needed mineral. Vitamin D is what makes getting some sun exposure each day a good thing, as that is a natural way for your body to produce it. However, you may need to make sure that you are taking a vitamin D supplement, as well as eating foods which are rich in it, to have the daily amount that your body needs for good health. Foods which are rich in vitamin D are fortified milk, fatty fish, and eggs. It is recommended that if you are under 70 years of age, you need about 600 IU of vitamin D each day and about 800 IU if you are over 70.

Your good teeth and gum care should also include taking vitamin A. This is another good vitamin for strong bones and can be found in milk, eggs, and liver. It can also be found in a lot of plant-based foods, such as carrots, cantaloupe, orange bell peppers, and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C is what you want for good strong gums. Citrus fruits are known for having an abundance of vitamin C in them, there are other fruits and veggies which are rich in this antioxidant. Leafy greens, kiwi, and cherries are just a few of the others which are a good source of vitamin C. Of course, both vitamins A and C can be taken in supplement form to make sure that you are getting the proper amount.

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