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Tooth & Gums Tonic

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This truly natural professional strength tonic is precisely formulated with a combination of organically grown herbs and pure essential oils.  This non-staining oral rinse can reduce the amount of harmful bacteria found in the mouth, making it an ideal at home solution for how to cure gingivitis.  It is often used by dentists to prepare patients for prophylactic treatments.  Tooth & Gums Tonic comes in a brown glass bottle to protect the potency of these herbs and oils, which penetrate the mucous membrane of gums to provide long lasting freshness and protection from bacterium, build up.  
This product is really the best mouthwash on the market and the only product which addresses both issues of treating infection and restoring effected tissue.

This gum disease treatment comes in a two-month supply, 18 oz. bottle.

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For better results it is recommended to use Tooth and Gums Paste together with Tooth and Gums Tonic.

To purchase Tooth and Gums Paste click HERE

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  • Professional Strength Oral Rinse
  • Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Contains No Artificial Chemicals
  • Provides more than just surface action
  • Long time effects for periodontal health and bad breath 


For centuries pure essential oils and herbs have been used because of their unique antimicrobial and healing properties, as well as their ability to maintain and condition healthy tissue. Dental Herb Company formulae are precisely calculated with powerful essential
oils and organically grown herbal extracts. The company never uses diluted essential oils or chemically synthesized ingredients. Instead
it chooses herbal extracts superior to those found in most commercial natural products sold in retail stores because they contain an exceptionally high concentration of bioactives. Dental Herb Company’s formulas contain effective Truly Natural® ingredients that help stop bleeding gums, relieve sore inflamed gums, rebuild connective gum tissue and fight bad breath longer. A little goes a long way.

The Ingredients: Essential Oils and Herbal Extracts
Essential oils are distilled liquids extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, stems, roots, shrubs and trees. The effectiveness of essential oils
lies in their exceptional ability to penetrate human tissue and provide therapeutic benefits. The interaction between the essential oils’
properties and the body’s natural chemistry results in physiological changes that include repairing damaged tissue, relieving pain and
enhancing circulation. When used in herbal dental care, essential oils are absorbed deep into gum tissue where their potent antibacterial
properties provide valuable benefits in the treatment of gum disease and halitosis.

Herbs and their beneficial properties have been safely and effectively used in oral care for thousands of years. Botanicals are powerful
in minimizing harmful oral bacteria, combating bad breath, and promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Product Videos

How to Use the Tooth & Gums Tonic, a Natural Mouthwash - Dental Herb Company (00:51)
http://www.dentalherb.com/patient/tooth-and-gums-tonic.html | Dental Herb Company | 800-747-4372 This video explains how to use Dental Herb Company's Tooth & Gums Tonic, a natural alcohol-free mouthwash, that promotes healthy gums by reducing the harmful bacteria that can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. Dental Herb Company specializes in natural oral care products including natural dental products for the treatment of gum and periodontal disease, gingivitis, and bad breath. Contact us today at:
Dental Herb Company
284 Main Street, Lancaster NH 03584
 (800) 747-4480
  • How to Use the Tooth & Gums Tonic, a Natural Mouthwash - Dental Herb Company
    http://www.dentalherb.com/patient/tooth-and-gums-tonic.html | ...
  • Tooth & Gums Tonic: Better Results & Better Compliance
    ‪http://www.dentalherb.com/ | Dental Herb Company | 800-747-43...


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  1. Used it for 5 years +

    Posted by Jill L. on 23rd Apr 2019

    I have used tooth tonic for over 5 years and have always had great service with Impressive Smile,

  2. Excellent Product!

    Posted by William Edwards on 29th Jul 2018

    I have been using this product for at least ten years. It is infinitely superior to commercial mouthwash. My teeth and mouth feel clean and fresh after each use.

  3. 10/10

    Posted by Katie Rivera on 22nd Dec 2017

    This product is one of the best rinses on the market. Very affordable so I can buy one for everyone in my family and even extended family. I have heard no more complaints about unhealthy gums and bad breath in my household!


    Posted by Linda Fridman on 31st Oct 2017

    Both my husband and myself love this product...we have seen great improvement in our mouth....

  5. Highly Recommend It

    Posted by Sandra B. on 12th Oct 2017

    Recommended by my dentist. Does help heal sore gums and mouth. I now use all the time.

  6. Best Mouthwash ever!

    Posted by Wayne Papac on 12th Jul 2016

    This stuff is great, healthy, cost effective, and convenient. After use, my mouth feels fresher than ever!

  7. Fixed a delivery problem

    Posted by Stephen Anderson on 1st Aug 2015

    Even though the mouth wash was wrapped in bubble wrap one of the two bottles got broken in transit. I could tell from the shape that the package was in that it had a rough trip. I was very impressed with the no hassle way Impressive Smile handled sending a replacement bottle. No questions they just made it happen. Thanks for the great service.

  8. It really works!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Apr 2015

    This is a wonderful product for keeping your gums and teeth healthy!

  9. best rinse ever

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Feb 2015

    great stuff; have used it for 4 years . don't plan to stop

  10. I Wouldn't Use Anything Else!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Oct 2014

    I have been using this product for almost 4 years and truly would not use anything else. It is the BEST on the market. It does exactly what it claims to do, and, although pretty strong, the taste is quite good. I am ALSO very glad I can order this from Impressive Smile instead of my dentist. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

  11. Best mouthwash ever

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jul 2014

    This mouthwash is therapeutic and refreshing. My gums used to bleed, but this Tonic cleared that up. It really helps to keep my gums healthy. I highly recommend this. I used to have to order through my dentist and am extremely happy to be able to order from Impressive Smile.

  12. Fresh and clean

    Posted by Jeanne on 15th Apr 2014

    I love this tonic, I add it to my hydra floss for that extra clean feeling. It is all natural and no alcohol. I love it!

  13. It is a great product.

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2014

    The mouthwash arrived in a timely fashion and in good condition. We had previously tested a sample that our dentist gave us. This product leaves your mouth feeling clean all day. It cleared up a sore spot in my mouth within a day.

  14. It's worth every penny!

    Posted by Martha on 23rd Nov 2013

    Tooth and Gums Tonic is the best mouthwash that I have found! It really leaves my mouth feeling refreshed for several hours after I use it. I use it to swish after I brush my teeth. I also noticed that my gums stopped bleeding as I kept using this oral rinse. I guess that talk of it killing the bacteria that causes gingivitis is not just talk! I don't have any oral dryness after using this mouthwash like I've sometimes experienced using major conventional brands of antibacterial mouthwash. I so don't like being without this tonic!

  15. Nothing Like Tooth and Gums Tonic

    Posted by Stephanie on 13th Aug 2013

    Tooth and Gums Tonic is mouthwash that lasts for two months on a single bottle. The bottle doesn't even look that big, not like those massive Listerine containers that take up the entire medicine cabinet. The tonic is very effective at controlling bacteria in my mouth. I can tell a difference in my breath alone, and the rest has to be a lot healthier too. Great product.

  16. Bad Breath Goes Away with Tooth and Gums Tonic

    Posted by Greta on 24th Jul 2013

    I'm not really sure how Tooth and Gum Tonic works to get rid of my bad breath. It doesn't have a fresh smell or much of a flavor at all, really. Yet my husband has noted that the rank halitosis of my past has all but been subdued. I don't understand it, but I'll keep using it. I used to shudder at the thought of gargling this brown stuff, but now I know it does me lots of good.

  17. Completely Natural Mouthwash

    Posted by Brittany on 24th Jul 2013

    I'm very skeptical of most chemicals and artificial compounds that get put into a lot of dental hygiene products, which is why I always go with this natural mouthwash. I know exactly what goes into this formula, and it's all natural stuff. The liquid itself is brown and tastes very earthy, so I can tell they're serious when they mean no chemicals. I think it's really helped my oral health.

  18. Recover from Oral Surgery with Tooth and Gums Tonic

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2013

    I had to get a root canal, and I'm not sure how I would have survived without Tooth and Gums Tonic. It's a tough oral rinse that nevertheless didn't hurt when I used it. I think it encouraged my speedy recovery by killing any bacteria that might have caused an infection. No chemicals, either, so I can use it safely. Long live Tooth and Gums Tonic!

  19. Control Bacteria with Natural Mouthwash

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2013

    I was really sold on this natural mouthwash once I learned that it's just as effective as many non-natural brands, does not dry out my mouth and last hours longer. I would much rather use herbs and oils in my mouth than harmful chemicals. This has left me feeling in control of my oral hygiene, so I make sure to use it daily. I've grown to love this herbal mouthwash far more than other varieties I've used.

  20. Tooth and Gums Tonic Lasts a Long Time

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2013

    I was really impressed with how long the Tooth and Gums Tonic lasted. I think I used it for a good two or three months before it ran out. Daily, it kept my breath fresh right up through lunch (unless I ate onions). Don't be scared by the brown color; the mouthwash tastes OK and works great. My teeth and gums thank me every day.

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