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Tooth & Gums Tonic Travel Size

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Product Description




Tooth and Gums Tonic is herbal mouthwash. When it comes to gingivitis treatment, many dentists recommend and use this Truly Natural® professional strength tonic. It effectively reduces the amount of harmful oral bacteria by using a precise formula of organically grown herbs and pure essential oils. Those who consistently use this non-staining tonic often experience healthier teeth and gums in a short amount of time.
This 2 oz. travel size brown glass bottle of Tooth & Gums Tonic allows those who use the Dental Herb Company system to carry on with gingivitis treatment, while away from home.

This convenient 2 oz. bottle makes it a perfect travel mouthwash. Don’t leave home without it!

Travel Size: 2 Fl Oz / 59 ml

Tooth & Gums Tonic is also available in 18oz glass bottle, which if used once daily is approximately a two-month supply. To purchase 18 oz. bottle click HERE.


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  • Professional Strength Oral Rinse
  • Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Contains No Artificial Chemicals
  • Provides more than just surface action
  • Long time effects for periodontal health and bad breath

For centuries pure essential oils and herbs have been used because of their unique antimicrobial and healing properties, as well as their ability to maintain and condition healthy tissue. Dental Herb Company formulae are precisely calculated with powerful essential
oils and organically grown herbal extracts. The company never uses diluted essential oils or chemically synthesized ingredients. Instead
it chooses herbal extracts superior to those found in most commercial natural products sold in retail stores because they contain an exceptionally high concentration of bioactives. Dental Herb Company’s formulas contain effective Truly Natural® ingredients that help stop bleeding gums, relieve sore inflamed gums, rebuild connective gum tissue and fight bad breath longer. A little goes a long way.

The Ingredients: Essential Oils and Herbal Extracts
Essential oils are distilled liquids extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, stems, roots, shrubs and trees. The effectiveness of essential oils
lies in their exceptional ability to penetrate human tissue and provide therapeutic benefits. The interaction between the essential oils’
properties and the body’s natural chemistry results in physiological changes that include repairing damaged tissue, relieving pain and
enhancing circulation. When used in herbal dental care, essential oils are absorbed deep into gum tissue where their potent antibacterial
properties provide valuable benefits in the treatment of gum disease and halitosis.

Herbs and their beneficial properties have been safely and effectively used in oral care for thousands of years. Botanicals are powerful
in minimizing harmful oral bacteria, combating bad breath, and promoting healthy teeth and gums.


Product Videos

How to Use the Tooth & Gums Tonic, a Natural Mouthwash - Dental Herb Company ()
  • How to Use the Tooth & Gums Tonic, a Natural Mouthwash - Dental Herb Company

Product Reviews

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  1. I am a fan. At home or on the road!

    Posted by Traveling Joe on 15th Dec 2013

    I have noticed for a while that I have been dealing with gingivitis off and on. It can be frustrating to brush and floss without really getting rid of the issue. After hearing about Tooth and Gums Tonic, I decided to give it a try by adding it to my daily routine. It seemed like a bit more for an oral rinse initially, but the effects have been well worth it. This at-home gingivitis treatment has kept me from having to spend hundreds, or even thousands, on in-office procedures.

    That is because gingivitis can turn into periodontal disease if it is left to run rampant. I certainly did not want to have to find the funding for those types of treatments. Using this herbal mouthwash has helped to greatly improve the health of my mouth. The fact that this gingivitis treatment comes in a convenient, travel size brown glass bottle, has helped me to keep my mouth healthy when I am away from home. When I use this oral care product, I am able to have the same professional strength bacteria protection when I am away from home, as when I am at home.

    I do not have to use much to get the full effect of this gingivitis treatment, so it truly is an economical solution for this oral health concern. Top quality, herbal at home care is ultimately the best choice for my mouth. When I use this oral rinse, I have confidence that I am improving my oral health every time I use it. I know that I am getting rid of harmful bacteria and preventing it from building up in my mouth. I hate being without Tooth and Gums Tonic and thanks to this travel size, I do not have to be.

  2. Excellent Company and excellent product

    Posted by Sophia L. on 3rd Dec 2013

    I've been using Dental Herb Company's products for quite some time, but have recently started to travel. I do not want to put their powerful Tooth and Gums Tonic in a plastic bottle, out of concern for lessening its potency. I no longer have to worry, though. This company was clever enough to realize that people do not always stay put, so their herbal mouthwash comes in a travel size, brown, glass bottle. That means that even on the road, I end up with the same level of protection from oral bacteria as I do at home.

    I have also found that this is a great way to introduce others to this super-duper herbal mouthwash. My friends and family respond more favorably to trial size products when attempting to let them in on something new. This travel size has been enough to get them hooked on this line of all natural oral care products. I still only have to use just a little of this oral rinse to give my mouth long lasting protection from plaque and bacteria. It's been great to travel and know that my breath will be as fresh when I'm away from home, as when I'm at home.

    I feel that no one should be without this herbal mouthwash and thanks to the travel size; I no longer have to be. I never liked compromising my oral health when I had to go on vacation or on business. With this smaller glass bottle, I get all of the cleaning power that I experience at home when I'm away. I will continue to use this line of products. I appreciate the convenience of the travel size, along with not cheating me on the professional level of bacteria fighting. I want to extend many thanks to Dental Herb Company for carrying on the level of excellence to their travel size oral care products.

  3. It’s always with me…

    Posted by Rachel on 25th Nov 2013

    Thanks to Tooth and Gums Tonic having a travel mouthwash size, I am able to keep gingivitis from taking hold of my mouth. I also have really fresh breath when I use it after brushing my teeth with the travel size Tooth and Gums Paste. It fits into my toiletry bag very well and is not an issue when I am traveling by plane, train, or bus. I like being able to have the same level of protection from bacteria when I am on vacation, as I do when I am at home. My breath is always pleasant when I brush and rinse using this travel kit.

  4. My Favorite Natural Mouthwash in a Tiny Size

    Posted by Clark on 21st Sep 2013

    This is my favorite brand of natural mouthwash, but it's hard to find. I travel a lot for business, but not to many stores carry Tooth & Gums Tonic. That makes me happy that there's a travel mouthwash variety. I don't have to sacrifice my oral health to my job, which is wonderful. What a good idea.

  5. Tiny Tooth and Gums Tonic Fits in Suitcase

    Posted by Ella on 24th Jul 2013

    Outside of the internet, it's hard to find Tooth and Gum Tonic. Yet, I think it's the best natural mouthwash out there. I don't want to sacrifice my oral health just because of a trip, so I'm glad there's a size of the mouthwash I can bring with me. Regular mouthwashes sting my gums, but not the Tonic. Its natural ingredients list is what I need, and now I can take it on my business trips.

  6. Take Tooth and Gums Tonic on the Road

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2013

    I was a little bit worried when I discovered my bottle of Tooth and Gums Tonic was too big to take on the plane with me. I didn't want to go back to a mouthwash that would hurt my gums and might affect my recovery from my wisdom teeth. Thankfully, the all-natural power of the tonic is available in a travel size, which I didn't know until now. These people think of everything!

  7. Tooth and Gums Tonic Takes Care of Halitosis

    Posted by John on 20th Jun 2013

    Before I picked up this Tooth and Gums Tonic, I had bad breath. I don't know if it was actual halitosis, but it seemed to be perpetual, no matter how often I brushed my teeth. But after setting up a routine with this natural mouthwash, I noticed that my breath was getting better. I certainly prefer using mouthwash AND brushing to simply brushing, but I really like this Tonic in particular.

  8. No More Bacteria with Natural Mouthwash

    Posted by Jennifer Little on 20th Jun 2013

    I feel a lot more confident using a natural mouthwash. I know that commercial brands do kill bacteria, but I don't know if they leave behind the good bacteria or if they're simply indiscriminate. I can rest easy knowing that I have a natural mouthwash with no harmful chemicals. I love this tiny little travel size. This way I can even take my natural mouthwash on a flight.

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