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Some of the seeming advances in today's food production have been shown to actually put people at a disadvantage. Many people are not getting the much needed nutrients from the foods that they eat, and a large part of this can be attributed to how a good portion of food is being engineered to grow faster and bigger. There are many factors that contribute to most people not being in optimum health, and it is important to find a natural way to boost immune system effectiveness. Regulat is a product which takes the science of fermented foods and formulates it in such a way as to truly strengthen immune system productivity.

In many cultures around the globe, there are fermented foods that are enjoyed by people. Sauerkraut, kimchi, natto, miso, and yogurt and but a few examples of raw foods which have undergone the fermentation process. It turns out that fermentation brings forth certain enzymes which are not present in raw foods and often killed off in cooked foods. Regulat is a nutritional supplement which uses a precise formula and a gentle fermentation process, known as cascade fermentation. This produces one of the most effective fermentation whole food supplements on the market.

Many health issues can be brought under control with a way to boost immune system effectiveness, and for a number of years in Europe, Regulat has been doing this. Those who have used this product to strengthen immune system productivity have experienced better energy and sleep, along with a drastic improvement in their overall health. People who are looking to be healthier and feel better should give this supplement a try. This supplement reflects the enzyme cascade process that should be present in the human body. Taking Regulat may be a way for some to recapture the health of their younger years, and for others to experience a level of unprecedented health.



Dr. Neidermaier Pharma has taken fermentation into the 21st century. Live cascade fermentation is a unique patented method to create biologically active elements in a natural way echoing the enzyme cascade process in the human body.

Fresh, organic, fruits, nuts and vegetables - in a carefully selected and balanced combination - are activated in a life-enhancing, dextro- rotatory lactic acid environment, and then transformed and filtered in a series of steps through our patented, gradual fermentation process.

The end-result is a balanced, complete, liquid concentrate of valuable nutrients and ingredients, including short-chain peptides and individual amino acids.

Product Videos

Effect of Regulat on the blood environment - dark field microscopy-symbionts (05:29)
Dark field microscopy showing effects of cascade-fermented Regulat on improving the blood environment. These whole food enzyme concentrates made in Germany through cascade fermentation will be available in the USA in April 2010 - Leading Lyme disease expert Dr. D. Klinghardt, recommends taking Regulat in his protocol to support patients' health.
  • Effect of Regulat on the blood environment - dark field microscopy-symbionts
    Dark field microscopy showing effects of cascade-fermented Reg...
  • Cascade fermentation explained
    New patented process to produce health-giving regulates. Visit...

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