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Learn What Is Gingivitis and How to Prevent It

What is gingivitis? You have probably heard the term and maybe you are curious about what it means, why we get it, and how to get rid of it. This is the first stage of gum disease and is an inflammation of your gum tissue. It is brought on by a buildup of plaque and the oral harmful bacteria that resides in plaque. If this condition progresses, you could be looking at some serious oral health issues, including tooth loss.



Many people are known to have this first stage of gum disease, and may have also wondered, “What is gingivitis?” You may be among the many in this instance. If you notice that your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or if your gums are reddened and/or swollen, you are dealing with gingivitis. One of the good things about this stage is that it can be reversed. If you use the right oral care products each day, you can help your mouth to be in top notch health. When you clean your mouth each day, the goal should be to get rid of plaque and bacteria. Not all oral care products do this effectively, even when you use them properly.


When it comes to discovering what is gingivitis and how to treat it, you should look for products that target oral bacteria. These products do not have to be laden with harsh chemicals. There are some professional strength oral care products, such as Tooth and Gums Tonic and Tooth and Gums Paste, which truly reduce the level of harmful bacteria in your mouth. When you use such products, you can have long lasting oral freshness and protection from bacteria build up. Using this type of product daily along with good quality oral care tools, such as Ionic Toothbrush and Smart Floss, can lead to your mouth being restored to healthy condition once again. In a short amount of time you will cease to see bleeding and your gums will return to their normal size and color.


The answer to the question “what is gingivitis?” does not have to be a cause for a panic, even though it is a more serious issue than you may have realized. Because it is not often painful, you may think that it is not as pressing of a condition as having a cavity. The quiet nature of this stage of gum disease is what makes it more of a potential detriment to the health of your mouth. The results of it as is progresses are some of the most severe nature. Losing your teeth and having breath that is smells awful due to gum decay, is certainly nothing to take lightly.


Your dentist will be able to give you in depth answers to what is gingivitis, how it affected you and help you to treat it. You may need to undergo an in-office cleaning to remove a layer of tartar from your teeth. A procedure like that will help your at-home routine to be more effective in reversing the course of this initial phase of gum disease. Using Dentizyme daily will also assist you by strengthening your gum tissues. If you do not have gingivitis, you can prevent it by upgrading your oral care routine and stocking your medicine cabinet with better tools and products. Visit Impressive Smile, an experienced oral care product and service provider, to view a wide selection of natural products that target the buildup of harmful bacteria. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews