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Learn How to Prevent Dental Implant Failure



If for some reason you have had to have a dental implant or two, you will need to have top notch teeth and gum care in order to prevent gum infection. Gum infection is number one reason for implant failure. Having replacement teeth implanted should be a permanent solution to tooth loss, but if you do not do your part you are more likely to lose the new dental implants also. Fortunately, that much needed at home oral care is not complicated. If you use the right products and procedures, you can help your implant successfully integrate into your mouth.


Gum disease is responsible for a large amount of tooth loss, is also a major reason for the failure of dental implants. Gum disease begins by having a gum infection that is why your teeth and gum care routine needs to focus on getting rid of harmful bacteria from your mouth. That means not only thoroughly brushing and flossing, but also cleaning your tongue and rinsing out your mouth. Using the best oral hygiene tools will help with this. Certain types of toothbrushes are better at ridding your mouth of plaque than others. Clinical studies shown that Ionic toothbrush will remove 48% more plaque than a manual brush! A good tongue scraper goes a long way toward easily removing large amounts of harmful oral bacteria. There are types of dental floss that easily get rid of plaque from between teeth. But there is no other floss quite like Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss.

If you use the right truly natural product as part of your teeth and gum care, you will have professional strength reduction of oral bacteria with no alcohol. You just spent a lot of time and money to replace your teeth with dental implants. Obviously, you don’t want to go through this experience again or any time soon. That is why it is imperative for you to avoid gum infectionat all cost. Tooth and Gums Tonic is your front line defense against gum infection.Tooth & Gums Tonic® is so effective that dentists use it to prepare their patients for prophylactic procedures. To really bump up your daily oral hygiene routine, you can use both Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gum Tonic and Tooth and Gum Paste which come together as a Tooth and Gums System package. This duo has been shown to be able to reverse the effects of gum disease and to prevent gum disease from developing.

Not only do you need to focus on your teeth and gum care, but it will further benefit you to focus on your immune system. Your immune system is a series of microorganisms that work to keep your body free of infection. If it is not in its top shape, then you will be more prone to contracting gum disease which can lead to the failure of your dental implant. Fortunately, there is a whole food supplement which has been formulated to help your immune system flourish. Regulat was designed to make up for a decrease in your body's enzyme production, and a decrease in the nutrients found in today's food market.

Using a product such as Regulat can help to neutralize free radicals, can help you retain your dental implant.

When you shop at, you can pick up the amazing gum infection fighting duo of Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gum Tonic and Tooth and Gum Paste, and Regulat for an affordable price. This reputable online retailer is a one stop shop way to help improve your immune system. Your teeth and gum care, along with the care of your immune system is key when you are hoping for successful dental implant.

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