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Organic tooth whitening with lava minerals and also rougher plaque treatment originates by brushing and flossing with Lavadent™ just before or after brushing with Dentizyme™. Immediately after brushing teeth two or three times each day with this natural teeth whitening product, teeth may start showing the exceptional results of this non-bleaching, enjoyable tasting (spearmint top note), non-toxic, advanced teeth whitening and teeth polishing product.

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And since this teeth whitening product is so safe, free of tooth/gums sensitivity issues, and since it's particularly made to offer continuing luster and benefits to tooth surfaces, you can continue to use it as frequently as you want.

In just a couple of weeks of regular use, you’ll never wish to run out of Lavadent Natural Teeth Whitening. It's capable of making healthy teeth look glassy and amazing as it continues to eradicate unattractive plaque and stains with time.

Ingredients used in making this remarkable natural whitening product are 100% natural.


Natural Whitening Formulation
Natural teeth whitening is particularly for those who don't want to bleach their teeth. It doesn't employ carbamide peroxide, whitening trays, whitening strips, or any other whitening agents.  This 100% natural product eradicates any concern about teeth sensitivity or any other side-effects.

The whiteness that may be achieved by Lavadent™ occurs by its strong lavadentbottle-small.jpgcapacity to clear away tough surface stains. It won't offer a white that resembles bleached paper; rather, it's a white aligned to an individual’s natural tone of white.

Lavadent natural whitening just depends on the innovative utilization of minerals and botanicals for the enhancements for the overall appearance of tooth enamel surfaces.


Minerals for Whitening and Strengthening Teeth

Combining mineral rich lava clay while using strength of bamboo tabasheer with its up to 97% silica content and also the ample minerals and properties included in the other Lavadent™ ingredients, produce a deep effect on the healthiness of the teeth in strengthening while whitening. But, the advantages don't stop here.

This natural product contains effective elements that will help with conducting a plaque removing technology unique to Lavadent™. This superior product, when used regularly, provides results that surpass many people expectations.

The high ionic swap action that develops during brushing with Lavadent™ - especially after using Dentizyme™, draws plaque off teeth being washed away, while providing more favorable oral conditions for that body to take on the task of dental re-mineralization.

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Polished Appearance for Restoration of Beauty

The hygiene, gleam, and refined look that both Lavadent™ and Dentizyme™ offer to oral surfaces might be compared to a common effect achieved when refinishing fixtures: previously dull or worn surfaces set out to take on a “glassy”, gleaming appearance after refinishing and some applications of polish.

Those pleasing results for natural teeth bleaching are based mostly on surface preparation and also the quality of materials found in preparation and (polishing off). Similarly, before preparation and polishing, teeth may seem lackluster and discolored.  However, after polishing, teeth often glitter and may have greater resistance to staining, abrasions, and other appearance discouraging effects.

Note: Results differ in accordance to state of teeth prior to using Dentizyme™ and/or Natural Teeth Whitener. Results may take more time if you have a predominately acid diet/saliva, high oral bacteria count and/or a lack of proper water consumption.

Such product as Tooth and Gums Tonic will help to reduce high oral bacteria count. You will notice incredible results when using all these products together.

Lavadent™ Organic Ingredients

Carefully Selected from Various Parts of the World

Herbal Products Ingredients


All Ingredients Disclosed - None Hidden

No Alcohol - No Hexanes - 100% Natural

Organic Aloe Leaf

Bamboo Silica Tabasheer

Organic Holy Basil Leaf

Organic Spearmint Leaf

Organic Cardamom Seed

Organic Rose Flower

Base: Vegetable Glycerine, Purified Water, Proprietary Italian Lava Clay - Mediterranean Marine Salt Complex, Organic Acacia and Guar Gum 

LAVADENT™ ingredients take the worry out of teeth whitening. They are the foundation for advanced, natural teeth whitening possibilities. Minerals from lava clay and bamboo provide additional enamel support.

Lavadent Natural Teeth Whitening. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews