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How to Choose the Right Tooth Paste

A tooth paste is a tooth paste is a tooth paste, right? No. Not all tooth pastes are created equal, nor do they target the same oral issues. Choosing the right tooth paste depends on what is going on in your mouth. Having the best type of this teeth and gum care product for your situation is crucial to maintaining or correcting your current oral health.

If you have sensitive teeth, then you will need to choose a form of these teeth and gum care product which is geared toward this issue. If you find that your teeth hurt when they encounter hot or cold food and drink, acidic or sugary substances, or brushing, then you may be experiencing symptoms related to dental caries. Your dentist will suggest that you use a tooth paste that will help provide a barrier to protect your teeth. If you are experiencing some enamel weakening, you will need to use a tooth paste which will help to strengthen your teeth through the mineralization of your enamel. If your teeth are discolored, you may want to use a tooth paste that can help to whiten them.

It should be the goal of all tooth pastes, no matter what else they do, to remove plaque from your mouth. Some do not really assist in this, and there are others which provide superior plaque, debris and harmful bacteria removal. Plaque contains harmful bacteria, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease if it is allowed to build up. There are some professionals who recommend that you brush without tooth paste, and if your tooth paste of choice is nothing but sugary flavoring, that is true. What you should do, especially if you are prone to dental caries or gum disease, is use a tooth paste that has antibacterial properties in order to improve your teeth and gum care.

Many tooth pastes on the market use harsh chemicals and detergents to clean your mouth, but over time these can have unwanted side effects. These chemicals can dry out your mouth, causing bad breath, decreasing plaque fighting ability, and triggering mouth sores. There is a Truly Natural® tooth paste by Dental Herb Company is an effective way to remove plaque from your mouth without the use of alcohol or harsh chemicals. With this teeth and gum care product, you will be able to gently brush away plaque using a natural formula to eliminate harmful bacteria. Part of the key to the long lasting oral freshness provided by this tooth paste, is the use of green tea extract.


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