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How Effective Are the Tongue Scrapers?

You may or may not have heard of an oral hygiene tool called a tongue scraper. This instrument is designed to gently and quickly whisk bacterial film off your tongue, and along with it, bad odor. Unless you have one of this little gem remover in your mouth cleansing arsenal, you are not fully disinfecting your mouth each day. You can brush, floss and rinse with the best products and greatest enthusiasm, but if you do not get that layer of germs off your tongue, you are leaving behind a whole host of harmful, unwanted microbes. Not only that, you are re-depositing them throughout your newly tidied mouth.



In stores, it is pretty easy for you to find a plastic tongue scraper. While there is nothing wrong with this tool being made of this material, it is not easy to keep it sanitized. That is why many people, dentists included, prefer to use Dr. Tung's Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner. By its very nature, stainless steel repels bacteria when properly cleaned between uses. That is why it is a popular choice for flatware. The design of this tool is meant to deliver efficient and comfortable removal of a large amount of smelly oral bacteria. You will be amazed at how much fresher your breath is once you focus on the sanitation of your tongue.

At, you can pick up that tongue scraper and choose from others. You can easily and effectively improve your level of oral hygiene when you use a tongue cleaner as a part of your daily oral care routine. You may even find yourself using your new tool between brushing your teeth, both before and after meals. It is just that simple to use and it really helps your mouth to feel and smell better throughout the day. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews