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Home Teeth Whitening That Works

Doing teeth whitening at home is now as common as picking up a tube of toothpaste. That is a good thing for those of us who are on a budget. This does present some challenges when it comes to finding out which of the many offerings are the best teeth whitening products for home use. There are oral rinses, chewing gums, toothpastes, strips, and kits which contain gel and trays. These all have pros and cons so depending on the goal, any of these whiteners can be of assistance.



Oral rinses and chewing gums are not the best teeth whitening products for those who are hoping for major results. This category of teeth whitening at home is what may be used to help prolong the results of an intense whitening procedure. Rinses and chewing gum do not remain in contact with the teeth long enough to make a noticeable impact in much discolored tooth enamel. They can assist in keeping stains from setting back in, so they can be a good option over regular mouthwashes or chewing gum.


For those who have dental sensitivity toothpastes and liquids are the best teeth whitening options. There are top quality choices that will whiten teeth over time, and some of these are also capable of improving oral health. The right all natural liquid for teeth whitening at home will be perfectly safe for everyday use and fortify tooth enamel with minerals. This category of whiteners will also be ideal for prolonging the results from intense dental bleaching treatments. The mineral rich product will even help teeth heal from a bleaching and may be used to strengthen them beforehand. If that sounds like something you want to try then you should purchase Lavadent the all-natural teeth whitening solution.


Strips could be considered the best teeth whitening products by those who want significant results in a short amount of time with little to no hassle. The bleaching gel is already affixed to the strips so the mess is almost non-existent. This type of teeth whitening at home option can barely noticeable, so it makes them ideal for whitening on the go. The types of strips that dissolve make brightening a smile even more convenient. The main drawback to these is that only the front side of the teeth will be whitened. Another drawback is you can whiten only your front teeth while your back teeth will remain stained. The next is that there really is no custom fit with the strips, so the best possible whitening is not obtained.


The best teeth whitening products are DIY kits that use trays. The Impressive Bright White Smile Pro Teeth Whitening System comes with customizable trays and gel uses FDA approved ingredients. A brighter smile is revealed after just 10-minute session. A fully whitened smile is achieved in just 5 sessions and the trays allow for customization even if the teeth go through changes. The results rival those of an in-office session and this kit is widely recommended and sold by dentists. Even better, this solution for teeth whitening at home can be picked up for a great price at the right online retailer. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews