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Gum Disease 

Treatment and Prevention of Gum Disease

When you clean your mouth each day, your goal should be more than just knocking out that bad breath. You should work with your dentist to make sure that your routine also functions as gum disease treatment and prevention. There are some top quality oral care product options which can have your mouth on the way to better health, whether or not you have gum disease. You may want to use the Complete Herbal Tooth and Gums Kit along with some other tools, in order to help heal or preserve the condition of your mouth at home.


In the kit, you will find everything that Dental Herb Company oral care system has to offer. You will have all natural, professional level gum disease treatment with the products in this package. Tooth and Gums Paste will deliver long lasting freshness and protection from bacteria build up when you use it each day. Tooth and Gums Tonic is so powerful that many dentists use it to prepare patients for prophylactic procedures. When you combine it with the toothpaste, you have bacteria fighting power that penetrates the outer mucous layer of your gum tissue. Under the Gums Irrigant is your ally for flushing out periodontal pockets which form if you have more advanced stages of gum disease.

If your aim is to strengthen and regrow receding gums as part of your gum disease treatment, then using Dr. Tung's Gum Rejuv with Dr. Tung's Gumbrush is a great option. You can purchase them separately or as a set (Dr. Tung Gum Rejuv with Compact Gum Brush) and save. Dentizyme is a tooth cleaning liquid that also strengthens your periodontal tissues. While Tooth and Gums Tonic has an incredible ability to lower bacteria levels in your mouth, Dentizyme is able to provide you with all day protection against sticky and staining foods and liquids. We recommend using Dentizyme as a final step in your morning oral hygiene regimen. If you already have some plaque on your teeth, there is nothing works better in removing it then Dr. Tung's Ionic Toothbrush. When you use this wonder tool your mouth will benefit from the power of magnetic attraction. This brush will actually draw plaque and debris off your teeth and to the bristles. That means it removes plaque from hard to reach places, even along your gum line.

Another part of having a successful gum disease treatment is having an effective flossing routine. Dr. Tung's Smart Floss and the Hydrocare Oral Irrigator give you two ways to easily clean between your teeth. Smart Floss is elasticized and cushioned, which means that you can floss the traditional way, but better. Both your fingers and your gums will be protected and the stretch of the floss allows you to get around the edges of your teeth, between tight spaces and around braces.

The oral irrigator allows you to floss with an unlimited water supply while in your shower. This offers you a near professional level of cleaning between your teeth, which makes for a highly effective gum disease treatment. There are a number of oral hygiene products which will help you to protect and/or heal your mouth from gum disease. Even though your dentist will be able to do quite a bit for you, the majority of your oral health results come from your daily routine at home.

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