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FAQ About Teeth Whitening Gel and Kits

1. How Do I Order Refill Solution?

Simply go to the and order your refill solution. You will need your original Amazon Order Number to order more refill solution

2. How Fast Do I See Results?

Most people see results after first use. However it may vary for some people due to the factors that impact whitening speed. Such factors as your age and initial condition of your teeth will effect whitening speed. Our whitening gel has a professional strength but safe to be used in the comfort of your own home.

3. Why Gel Burned My Gums?

In many cases people overfill trays with gel and when teeth enter into the tray, the access gel is pushed onto the gums. This gel works great to whiten your teeth and not designed to be placed on gums. So, it is very important do not overfill your trays with gel. Furthermore, if you have periodontal disease, your gums will be sensitive to any teeth whitening gel even with weaker potency than ours.

Questions Below are for Customers Who Purchased Teeth Whitening Kits

4. How Do I Use the Whitening Pen?

When on the go, you cannot always whiten your teeth. For a quick whitening that you know will work, you have the pen. It will keep your teeth on track and it is effective. The whitening pen will whiten teeth with minimal effort needed. You can also use the whitening pen to touch up any small areas of your teeth which are more stained than others.

5. Why do I Need the Accelerator Light

There is a piece of safety tape on the batteries. Just open the battery compartment, remove the tape and you should be ready for use. An accelerator light will help to quicken the progress. This makes it faster, and easier, to get the results that you want out of this whitening system.

6. How do I Use Shade Guide?

The shade guide will give you shades of teeth colors numbered and ordered. When trying to whiten and remineralize teeth, this guide will help you to know where you stand and how you have improved. It is a simple guide of teeth colors.

7. How to Use Mouth Trays

Mouth trays are easy to use and will keep everything contained. When trying to whiten or remineralize teeth, you will use these trays to hold the gel. These are thermo-trays, which mean that they could be molded to the shape of your moth when heated. It is very important to follow instructions in order to create the best possible tray which fits tightly around your teeth. Once you’ve molded trays to the shape of your mouth, they could be used many times to whiten and remineralize teeth. They are easy, comfortable, and durable. They will work as intended with minimal concerns. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews