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Everything Tastes Better After Tongue Cleaning

You probably spend some time each day brushing your teeth, flossing between them, and rinsing out your mouth. If you don’t you should, but those are not the only areas that you should focus on. If you really want to do a thorough job cleaning your oral cavity then you should look into adding the tongue scraper to your oral hygiene arsenal. It is important because your tongue collects a film of stinky, harmful bacteria and plaque. If you skip your tongue cleaning altogether, you leave a landfill behind to be re-deposited upon your freshly brushed teeth and gums. Even if you use your toothbrush, you do not remove as much of the bacteria as is needed for true cleanliness.



Removing those foul smelling microbes not only refreshing your breath, but also allows your taste buds to work to their full potential. If you want to conduct a test of the effectiveness of using a tongue scraper, then all you need is to set aside a moment of time before your next meal in between brushing. You should take a bite or sip of some food or drink. Then go to the bathroom and use your tongue cleaner, and then go consume the rest of your meal. You should notice a difference in the flavor. Volatile sulfur compounds cause your breath to smell bad and to interfere with the taste of anything that you eat or drink.

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