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Dental Herb Products Developed by Dentist for Home Use

There are many conditions which can cause a person's mouth to be more prone to gum disease and dental caries. In turn, both of these oral health issues can have a negative effect on other areas of a person's health. For many years and even to this day, many dentists use chemically based treatments to help remedy this oral health situation. There are those in the dental profession who have formulated an all-natural way to fight off gum disease and tooth decay, as an alternative to using harsh chemicals and intense surgical treatments. One of these dentists is Dr. Bernard Schechter, DDS. For years he was searching for substitute treatment for his patients. He was certain that such treatment could be found in herb garden. Dr. Schechter dedicated most of his life to research in holistic dentistry and after countless number of tests he developed a formula for Tooth and Gums Tonic. That formula of Tooth and Gums Tonic was the foundation for development of the entire Herbal Protocol for healthy teeth and gums. This home oral care system was designed to assist patients who were candidates for periodontal surgery or chemical treatment.


There are times when the effects of gum disease and tooth decay have gone too far to be corrected without some form of surgery, but if the right all natural products are used the types of surgery needed could be far less invasive and costly. People with certain physical and/or emotional issues have been shown to be affected with gum disease and/or dental caries. In turn, it seems that these types of oral issues can have an effect on other parts of the body, including the spread of inflammation. People who are looking to prevent or reverse the effects of gum disease and dental caries can use a Truly Natural® home oral care product, which will not leave mouths more prone to oral health issues.

Using Tooth & Gums Tonic® is an effective yet all natural way to reduce the amount of harmful oral bacteria in the mouth. This product is so potent that it is used by many dentists as a preparatory treatment for patients undergoing prophylactic procedures. For those who want to make sure that their daily home oral care leaves their mouth truly clean, they can use Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gum Tonic and Tooth and Gum Paste together. These high quality oral hygiene products used to only be available through a dentist's office, as their creator felt it best for patients to work with their dentists for the improved oral health.

People should still work with their dentists for the best home oral care, but thanks to a reputable online retailer there is no need to spend as much for both Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gum Tonic and Tooth and Gum Paste. At https://www.impressivesmile.com/, this duo and other top notch oral care products can be purchased at affordable prices. Getting the best in oral hygiene can be rather pricey, but for savvy shoppers on a budget, all natural reduction of harmful oral bacteria does not have to be out of reach.

People do not have to let harmful bacteria accumulate and lead to larger oral health issues, when they have access to Dental Herb Company Tooth and Gum Tonic and Tooth and Gum Paste. These and other high quality home oral care products are available without breaking the bank. For those who wish to keep their smiles, have good oral health, and good overall health, making sure to use the best products at home is the best way to do so. Dentists and their patients must work together to foster good oral health, and most of those duties fall into the hands of patients each day.

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