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Defend Your Teeth with Spry Xylitol Mints!

In your time, you may have sucked on a mint or two to freshen your breath when unable to conduct your home oral care or quickly rinse out your mouth. Did you know that if the mint that you consume is made of certain sugars, you are actually causing your mouth to produce more plaque and the harmful, smelly bacteria within it? Fortunately, there are mints that are made with another natural sweetener, which won’t encourage your mouth to increase plaque production, but will actually defend it against the buildup of plaque.


Xylitol is a natural sweetener which tastes a lot like sucrose, but has dental health benefits. When you consume a mint which is made with xylitol as its sweetener, you are preventing plaque from being able to get a hold on your teeth. That is because it has properties which block some of the harmful oral bacteria found in plaque. That means when you use xylitol mints on a regular basis after meals, in between your good home oral care routine, you are providing your teeth with an environment which is not plaque friendly.

When you decide to freshen your breath with xylitol mints, you are truly helping the health of your mouth. Even though the use of xylitol mints has gained popularity in the dental community, it is not easy to find 100% xylitol sweetened mints on store shelves. If you do find mints that boast of xylitol, it will likely be the third or fourth sweetener in the ingredient list. At https://www.impressivesmile.com/, you can find Spry Xylitol Mints which are entirely sweetened with xylitol. It is one of the few reputable online dealers geared toward top notch home oral care products.

What you put in your mouth between conducting your home oral care routine is almost as important as what you use during your daily cleaning sessions. This is especially true if you are dealing with some oral health issues. Making sure that your nutrition supports good oral health by having plenty of vitamins B, C, D, A, and K is a wise step. You should also use products which only benefit your oral health, and not those which are conventionally used yet will cause you to have oral health issues over the long haul.

Spry Xylitol Mints come highly recommended by dentists and when you do some savvy online shopping, you can find them for less. Go ahead and make sure that you are using the best home oral care products. This is where the majority of your oral hygiene takes place, so what you do when you are out of your dentist's office will have the largest impact on your oral health. When you use mints sweetened completely with xylitol, you are doing more than simply freshening your breath. You are actually helping to defend your teeth against some of the harmful bacteria which form in your mouth. You can really breathe easier and fresher thanks to xylitol mints.

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