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Build Your Own Kit

To create your own personalized Teeth Whitening Kit on-line as easy as 1,2,3...


To place order by phone call 818-706-0517


  1. Select the template you want to use for your kit
  2. Provide information for personalization of your kit
  3. Select kit configuration, quantity and pick up proper Wholesale Discount Code. Use it during checkout to obtain correct pricing.

Step One

Select from 3 available templates:

Template #1


Template #2


Template #3


Step Two

Select quantity, configuration and place your order. You will be able to re-confirm pricing and quantity inside the shopping cart. To adjust your final price use WHOLESALE CODE during checkout process by placing it within a COUPON box. Price will adjust automatically based on a quantity and configuration you have selected.

Product Description                                           Quantity     Your Price                       Wholesale Code                              
 Impressive Smile Advanced 22% Teeth Whitening Kit contains:
 2 x 3 ml. syringes,
2 tip applicators.
 24  $10.35 ISAPL-24
 Same  125  $8.99 ISAPL-125
 Same  200  $7.99 ISAPL-200
Impressive Smile Express 22% Teeth Whitening Kit contains:
2x3ml. syringes,
2 trays, 2 tip applicators
 24  $11.35 ISEPL-24
 Same  125  $9.99  ISEPL-125
 Same  200  $8.99  ISEPL-200 has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews