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Bleeding Gums When Brushing

Even though bleeding gums is a common issue, it is not normal for your mouth to have this reaction when you brush your teeth and gums. It could be that you are too vigorous with your oral cleaning or it could be the result of gum disease. Whatever the cause is, an adjustment to your home oral care will be a main component to stopping this from occurring.


An examination by your dentist will reveal whether or not you are suffering from gum disease. If you are not, then you probably need to lighten up on your brushing and flossing pressure. Using a toothbrush and dental floss that are more effective at plaque removal may help you ease off of the applied force during your daily home oral care. Your dentist may recommend that you use an electric toothbrush or an ionic one. Both of those are more effective at ridding your mouth of plaque than a conventional toothbrush. If your teeth are very close together or if you wear braces then using conventional dental floss can be tough. Dental floss with a handle, elasticized floss, or hydro floss are all types of dental floss which can make it easier for you to get your mouth clean.

Plaque contains harmful bacteria which can lead to gum disease. When you undergo a cleaning at your dentist's office, any hardened plaque can be removed which can help to keep gum disease at bay. If you are suffering with bleeding gums as a result of having gum disease, this can be reversed in the early stages. You may not be conducting home oral care procedures as often or as thoroughly as you need to, or you may be suffering from a medical or emotional condition which makes you more prone to contracting gum disease. Your dentist will be able to give you great advice on alterations that you should make to your home oral care routine. You may need to do so more often and/or switch to oral hygiene products which get rid of more dental plaque and harmful oral bacteria.

Using an all-natural product which is formulated to alleviate gum disease, may be exactly what your dentist recommends. Dr. Tung's Gum Rejuv will work to stop bleeding gums and help to heal receding gums, which can both be symptoms of gum disease. If you decide to make a visit to https://www.impressivesmile.com/, this decision will enable you to pick up this product at an affordable price. You may even want to grab a gum brush to make sure that you use this product to gently heal your gums.

It does not matter if you are dealing with a gum disease as a result of a hormonal shift, vitamin deficiency, immune disorder, medication, medical treatment, or emotional distress, Dr. Tung's Gum Rejuv can bring new life to your gums. Talk to your dentist about adding this product to your daily home oral care routine when fighting off gum disease. You can help your gums stop bleeding when you brush, by making sure to upgrade your at-home oral health routine.

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