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Benefits of Oral Irrigators

You may or may not be familiar with oral irrigators. If you have had your teeth cleaned in your dentist's office, you have experienced such flossing with a jet of water. Fortunately, there are products which you can purchase which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of waterpik in your home. Some of these oral hygiene tools have reservoirs and others connect directly to your tap or shower head. Either way, you can start having stellar oral care at home as often as needed.


Flossing is a task that you may have a tendency to skip. If that is the case, it is likely because it can be rather difficult to do. Tight dental spaces and appliances such as braces can really make cleaning in between your teeth a big hassle. It is also no picnic trying to clean around your braces. That is where the benefits of waterpik enter the picture. The controlled jet stream of water that this type of device produces will easily flush out plaque, debris and food particles from between your teeth and around your braces. This type of clean will help prevent or reverse gum disease.

Gum disease is what leads to tooth loss if it is left unchecked. One of the other benefits of waterpik is that it can be used to irrigate inflamed periodontal pockets. In the more advanced stages of gum disease, your gum line will harbor bacteria and plaque. Instead of having to rely solely on your dentist to flush out those pockets, you can do so at your sink or in your shower. Not only that, but the right oral irrigator will be able to give you near professional results with this type of treatment.

The benefit of waterpik with a reservoir is that you can use them with specific rinses. If you wanted to use an all-natural, professional strength periodontal rinse, you can put it in your reservoir along with the water and deliver it directly to those pockets which are affected by a disease. You need to clean out your reservoir after use so that bacteria do not build up in the liquid you intend to use for cleaning.

Now if you do not need to use a specific formula for irrigation, then you will want to enjoy the benefits of waterpik that ties into running water. With this type of oral irrigator, you will have more professional strength options. You do not have to worry about cleaning the reservoir or running out of water. At, you will be able to choose from top notch shower or sink models of this type of water floss. Whether you choose to use sink model, shower model, or go with a reservoir version, you can finally do the right thing for your oral health by flossing and flushing. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews