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About Dentizyme

Brushing with Dentizyme™ or simply placing it on to your teeth and swishing it over your gums and teeth may be the initial way of dental care process made to help your efforts to achieve an attractive, cool smile. dentizymebottle-lrg.jpg

Dentizyme™ is principally the deep cleaning and mouth freshening element of the collective use of Dentizyme™ and Lavadent™. It features a very pleasant spearmint taste.

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Used alone, it completely cleans gums and teeth using a cleaning action that can help remove unpleasant dental plaque and surface stains while deodorizing oral tissues and teeth surfaces.

It begins the initial whitening process while; Lavadent™ offers sophisticated whitening and plaque treatment without chemical whitening agents.

Using  Dentizyme™ alone offers remarkable oral cleaning and aesthetic beauty rewards, but merging it with  Lavadent™ produces even greater advantages.

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Used together, these products help produce the formation of a “Clean Armor” that delivers a fence against teeth staining as well as other factors that may ruin dental beauty or disrupt the potency of your oral hygiene schedule.

Powerful Gums and Teeth Cleaning

The efficiency of the periodontal tissues cleaning measures that's so potent for helping keep gums tight is successfully verified by the efficient way Dentizyme™ eliminates unattractive plaque and stains from teeth surfaces. Gently brush your tongue to deodorize it. Coffee lovers, smokers, and just about any person with teeth stains will benefit from the use of this product.

It clears gums and teeth so well that some dental clinics highly recommend it to patients.

Daily Brushing or any Other Application

It’s simple to use Dentizyme™: You are able to apply its light colored, 100% natural ingredients to some toothbrush, or put it straight into the mouth then brush.

For very soothing and impressive gums care, place a couple of drops on to your teeth and swish full-strength over the gums until the liquid is fully absorbed. Like a pleasant mouthwash, place 15-30 drops into two ounces of water. You may use Dentizyme™ (and Lavadent™) as frequently as desired.

Dentizyme™ is made from organic or wild harvested herbs and essential oils. As with every Natura products, we provide full disclosure of ingredients on our labels. None of our products incorporate extra yeast, dairy, sugar, soy, xanthan gum, or any other common allergens. They don't comprise fluoride or corrosive chemical sudsing agents for instance sodium laurel/laureth sulfate (SLS/SLES).

Note: Results differ based on condition of teeth before using Dentizyme™ and/or Enamadent™. Results might take longer if you have a predominately acid diet/saliva, high oral bacteria count and/or a lack of proper water consumption.

Dentizyme™ Organic Ingredients

Carefully Selected from Various Parts of the World

Herbal Products Ingredients


All Ingredients Disclosed

No Alcohol - No Hexanes - 100% Natural

Organic Aloe Leaf

Organic Spilanthes Leaf

Organic Echinacea angustifolia

Organic Olive Leaf  

Organic Holy Basil Leaf

Organic Spearmint Leaf

Organic Clove Bud

Organic Oregano Leaf

Organic Ginger Root

Organic Rosemary Herb

Organic Thyme Leaf

Wild Galangal Rhizome

Wild Myrrh Tree   

Base: Vegetable Glycerine, Purified Water, Organic Acacia and Guar Gum

Dentizyme™ certified organic ingredients are used for fast-acting deep cleaning of gums and teeth. Our superior herbal extracts incorporate essential oils for ultra-dental hygiene. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 261 ratings and reviews